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February 1, 2010
MACtac® to supply pressure-sensitive adhesives for solar cell applications.

MACtac's new PSA products will enable manufacturers to use pressure-sensitive adhesives in the assembly of concentrating, flat and flexible solar applications.

As demand for solar energy continues to grow, advancements in technology require even more efficiency and durability. In addition, solar module manufacturers require assembly solutions that will increase throughput and reliability. MACtac® Specialty Products, a leading global supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives, has designed five new PSAs to address the needs of solar-cell manufacturers.

“For years, MACtac Specialty Products has offered engineered, pressure-sensitive solutions for bonding and mounting in the electronics, medical, appliance, and automotive industries,” said Steve Dominak, Business Development manager, MACtac Specialty Products. “Our new line of adhesive systems was created after many years of formulating the best pressure-sensitive adhesives to meet the specific requirements of the solar industry. Our expertise in research and development was beneficial in formulating solutions for this growing market where superior adhesive performance is a necessity.”

The new products will enable manufacturers to use pressure-sensitive adhesives in the assembly of concentrating, flat and flexible solar applications, including the following.
  • Concentrating and flexible applications that are subject to high-ranging temperatures and environmental conditions, such as dry desert heat or extreme cold.
  • Securing slanted, concentrated solar-energy mirrors in place in order to heat water or direct light toward one source.
  • In flat solar-energy applications for rooftop applications.
  • In flexible solar-energy applications for remote locations, such as for charging small appliances like cell phones and travel lights.
MACtac pressure-sensitive adhesives are customized for specific customer needs and applications for complete solar-cell-protected solutions. All of the company’s specialty adhesive systems for solar-cell assembly are manufactured in the United States.

MACtac is a leading global supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives. Founded on personal service, technical support, quality assurance, custom capabilities and supply-chain efficiency, the company is dedicated to providing superior quality to its customers. Headquartered in Stow, OH, MACtac is a subsidiary of the Bemis Co. Inc., the largest flexible-packaging supplier in North America.

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