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I&J FISNAR: Digital Fluid Dispenser

January 9, 2008

This company has announced the introduction of an economic RoHS compliant CE mark Digital Dispenser. The model SL101 continues with Fisnar’s policy of manufacturing high quality, state-of-the-art dispensing products at an affordable price.

The SL101 is a self-teach Bench Top Dispenser with a bright LCD and 10 memory locations to automatically cycle 10 self-taught programs. Auto cycling is one of three operation modes available. The other two are Manual-Mode, which enables a dispense operation controlled by a foot-pedal, and Timed-Mode, which dispenses at a pre-set time.

Touch-sensitive controls program the SL101 with dispense periods from 0.01–9999 seconds. Systems are available in 110V and 220V versions. Air Input is 70–100 psi (5-7 bar). Dispense output air pressure can be programmed from 1–100 psi. An adjustable suck-back feature prevents post-dispense dripping of low-viscosity fluids and potential oozing of higher-viscosity creams.

Auto cycling operates by sequencing a self-taught cycle of events, including a dispense-time together with a “wait” or “pause” condition between the cycles. This feature enables the SL101 to be used as a stand-alone, semi-automated dispensing system. Alternatively, the SL101 can be controlled remotely or integrated with any I&J series robot dispensing from syringes or controlling pneumatically actuated I&J valves.

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