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Saiden Technologies: Styrene acrylic emulsion polymers

October 3, 2000
Saiden Technologies offers a complete line of styrene acrylic emulsion polymers.

Saiden Technologies, Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C., offers a complete line of styrene acrylic emulsion polymers, widely used as binders for architectural adhesives and coatings. Each polymer has inherent technical advantages over commonly used binder resins, according to the manufacturer. Chief among these advantages are alkali resistance, water resistance, high pigment-binding capacity and ease of formulation. The following are a few representative grades:

  • SA-2817: Elastomeric wall coatings

  • SA-2818: Topcoats, pigmented and unpigmented; block fillers; and texture finishes

  • SA-2830: Cement additive

  • SA-2845: Ceramic tile adhesive

  • SA-2888: Ceramic tile adhesive

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