Handbook of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products: - Three Volume Set

November 2008

Product Details



  • Constitutes the first handbook to discuss the fundamental and industrial aspects of pressure-sensitive adhesives and products
  • Contains more than 5000 references, providing an exhaustive listing of relevant research
  • Discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of domain, materials, equipment, and technology
  • Offers a comprehensive and comparative overview of the domain of adhesive science, technology, and products


  • Includes contributions by more than 20 international authors from various specialized areas within pressure-sensitive science and technologies



Divided into three sections that are also available as individual volumes, this is the first reference to offer a complete guide to the fundamentals, manufacturing, and applications of pressure-sensitive adhesives and products. An indispensable source of state-of-the-art information, this handbook covers the design for pressure-sensitive adhesives and products, the manufacture technology and equipment for such products, including their testing and application, and the theory and practice that correlate with the main domains of product development. Topically organized, it presents a comprehensive list of terms and definitions and offers a cross-disciplinary look at pressure-sensitive adhesives, spanning such areas as physics, surface chemistry, electronic materials, automotive engineering, packaging, and the biomedical, tape, and label industries.

Volume 1: Fundamentals of Pressure Sensitivity

Volume 2: Technology of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products

Volume 3: Applications of Pressure-Sensitive Products

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