Sika Corp. recently introduced SikaMelt®-675 OT, a reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive for sandwich panel bonding. According to the company, this new hot melt has a long open time of 7+ min, high initial green strength, and excellent heat and aging resistance. Sika reports that SikaMelt-675 OT has a broad adhesion spectrum and is suitable for permanent strong bonding of polymers such as ABS, PC, SMC, and PVC; wood and wood-based materials; foams; textiles; aluminum; and painted and primed steel.

“SikaMelt®-675 OT has high final strength and flexibility over a broad temperature range, making it ideal for the manufacture of insulated panels, decorative panels, doors and other sandwich elements,” said Julio Diaz, business development manager, Industry Transportation, A&M. “It can be applied with roll coaters, as well as film or spray-applicators, since it is packaged in pails, drums and 2-Kg (pume) bags.”

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