Organizers of the Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium 2020 recently announced that the event will take place as scheduled in Munich, Germany, October 26-28, 2020, with a maximum of health and safety measures supported by the Sheraton Arabellapark conference hotel team. In addition to standard practices, such as disinfectants and the provision of mouth and nose protection masks, additional precautions will reportedly be taken to protect the health and planning security of all delegates. Through the symposium registration of all delegates, it is also possible to track contact persons at any time.

The conference center of the Sheraton Arabellapark hotel will reportedly be solely available for the Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium 2020, its participants, and tabletop exhibitors. Due to the spacious premises in the conference center, organizers report that they are in a comfortable position to react to any possible governmental rules of distance and conduct with additional space and to adapt the event accordingly. Together with the conference management of the Sheraton Arabellapark hotel, organizers are currently working out a hygiene concept with various scenarios and seating and conference rooms, which will enable the implementation of all potential safety standards and the best possible protection and to allow for social distancing in the conference rooms.

“With all these considerations and forward planning, we are of course subject to the further development of the COVID-19 pandemic,” organizers said. “We all trust that the situation will again have eased considerably by the end of October 2020 and that further steps towards normality will have been taken. We will react quickly and flexibly to all developments. We can assure all friends and supporters of the Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium that the maximum of health safety for all participants is of paramount importance to us.”

This year, the Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium has its focus on Gluing-Converting-Printing. The event will cover the whole span from raw materials and applications to process engineering for and within all involved adhesive systems.

Vera Haye, Ph.D., from the German Adhesives Association (IVK) will give a keynote speech about “The Green Deal and its Implications for the Adhesives Industry.” In addition, Martin Dreher, Ph.D., from the DFTA technology Center at the Stuttgart Media University, will speak on “Intelligence Saves Costs in Packaging Printing.” A few of the topics out of the broad spectrum of presentations include:

  • Coperion—reactive extrusion of adhesives and sealants in a twin screw extruder
  • University of Applied Science Munich—simulation of drying processes in conventional and impingement free convection dryers
  • MSWtech—3D functionality; printed electronics enables new dimension and applications
  • Fraunhofer Institute IVV—barriere paper for electronic applications
  • ISEGA—assessment and analysis of adhesives for food packaging
  • Henkel—breaking up with epoxy silanes; consequences and solutions in flexible food packaging
  • Kraton Chemical—novel bio-based liquid tackifier for food safe adhesive applications
  • Jowat Adhesives—compostable adhesives for high-gloss lamination
  • Lanxess—further advancements in low free isocyanate monomer pre-polymer design for reactive adhesive systems
  • Evonik—VESTOPLAST®; innovative APAOs with a wide range of applications
  • ExxonMobil Chemical—innovations in hot-melt adhesives for hygiene applications
  • Synthomer—high-performance water-based pressure sensitive adhesives as solvend-based replacement for automotive tape
  • Vito Irmen—development of flame-retardant, halogen-free adhesive tapes

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