Handbook of Sealant Technology

August 2009

Product Details


  • Examines the historical development of sealant technology
  • Presents the fundamentals of adhesion theories and properties
  • Discusses different types of sealants and their applications
  • Addresses issues of testing and durability


Sealing is an age-old problem that dates back to our earliest attempts to create a more comfortable living environment. Prehistoric people used natural sealants such as earth, loam, grass, and reeds to protect the interior of their homes against the weather. Today’s applications extend to a myriad of uses. The Handbook of Sealant Technology provides an in-depth examination of sealants, reviewing their historical developments and fundamentals, adhesion theories and properties, and today’s wide range of applications.  Featuring contributions from international academic and industry experts, this comprehensive, illustrated reference explores:

  • The history of sealants from the Stone Age to the present
  • The testing and durability of sealants and sealed joints
  • The use of organofunctional silanes in sealant technology
  • Hot melt and intumescent sealants
  • Urethane waterproofing membrane systems
  • Foam back-up materials
  • Sealants for use in construction, bridge expansion joints, and automotive electronics
  • Fibrin sealants for biomedical applications 

As technology continues to develop, the potential for sealant use grows exponentially. This valuable reference guide provides a window on the past and offers insight into the extent of future possibilities in a host of industries.

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