Founded in 1963, Nan Pao is a leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives, footwear adhesives, liquid and powder coatings, hot-melt adhesives, and construction materials in Taiwan. The company employs over 2,800 employees throughout the world, with factories in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia.

Consolidated revenue for Nan Pao grew 22.4% in 2022, reaching nearly NT$22 billion (approximately $716 million). Adhesives accounted for 74% of that revenue, or about NT$16 billion (~ $520 million).

The company reports that it invests 2-3% of revenue in R&D.

NOTES: In October 2022, the company celebrated the opening of its new headquarters and R&D Center. According to the company, “The dedication of the HQ and R&D Center represents our remarkable achievement on our 60th anniversary. We introduced modernized and efficient equipment for better innovation performances at the Adhesives R&D Center such as water-based PU, hot-melt adhesives, adhesives for flexible packaging, footwear adhesives, nonwoven adhesives and optical adhesives.”

No. 16 | Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tainan City, Taiwan
CEO: Ming-Hsien Hsu
Sources: company website, press releases