Orion S.A., a carbon black specialty chemical company, announced it has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with ChemSpec, a leading specialty chemicals supplier.

Effective July 1, 2023, ChemSpec will represent Orion’s rubber carbon black product lines for mechanical rubber goods throughout the United States and Canada. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Safic-Alcan, a partner with Orion overseas. 

“ChemSpec is well-positioned in the rubber industry to service our customers in North America,” said Orion Channel Manager David Roth. “They already have an impressive portfolio of products to offer the rubber industry, and the Orion carbon black line will enhance their value to the end user.”

ChemSpec President Dave Moreland cited advantages to the mutually beneficial partnership. “We are very excited to be representing such a strong international player in the carbon black space,” said Moreland. “I am confident that ours and Orion’s shared commercial expertise in the rubber market, along with Orion’s strong product portfolio and technical know-how, will allow us to become a very successful partner with Orion across the U.S. and Canada.”

To learn more, visit www.orioncarbons.com and www.safic-alcan.com/en/chemspec.