The board of directors of RPM International Inc. has declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.42 per share. The dividend is payable on July 31, 2023, to stockholders of record as of July 18, 2023. 

RPM’s last cash dividend increase of 5.0% in October 2022 marked RPM’s 49th consecutive year of increased cash dividends paid to its stockholders, which places RPM in a category of less than half of 1 percent of all publicly traded U.S. companies. According to Dividend Radar, only 41 other U.S. companies, besides RPM, have consecutively paid an increasing annual dividend for a longer period of time. During this timeframe, the company has returned approximately $3.2 billion in cash dividends to its stockholders. At a share price of $87.00, RPM's annual dividend yield would be 1.9 percent.

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