Smith Corona recently announced the launch of its new division, Pinnacle Labels, a leading manufacturer and provider of weigh-scale labels. With full dedication to scale-label production, Pinnacle Labels’ mission is to bring convenience and affordability to the industry. 

Pinnacle Labels unique vertically integrated system allows for cost reduction while delivering quality directly to customers. The majority of scale labels are distributed by companies buying from the same manufacturer. To combat this, Pinnacle Labels is bringing a fresh perspective to scale-label manufacturing. From sourcing raw materials, to laminating, converting, and selling direct, everything takes place at its 700,000-square-foot factory.  

The cornerstone of Pinnacle Labels’ offerings is its brand new online website, which can be accessed at The user-friendly platform creates a seamless shopping experience for all business sizes in the scale industry. The design streamlines the ordering process, enabling efficient browsing, selection, and purchasing of stock items, customized sizes, or brand specific labels.  

Website visitors also have access to a blog featuring topic-related articles and an extensive educational video library. Customers looking to explore more about Pinnacle Labels can discover the company’s information pages. These include insights into its manufacturing faculty, brand promise, and more. 

“At Smith Corona, we are excited at the opportunity to launch a new stand-alone brand dedicated to the scale label market,” said Stephen Kam, VP of Sales & Marketing at Smith Corona. “As this product is used in a very different environment and application than our traditional logistics labels, we decided that the best way to showcase them was with their own website.” 

“After reviewing our competences as a company, we found that incorporating scale labels into our portfolio of products is a natural fit for our manufacturing capabilities,” continued Kam.