Corey Reardon, president & CEO of Alexander Watson Associates (AWA), explained, “In the past we have historically positioned ourselves as a market research and consulting firm, but are expanding our positioning as a market intelligence and business insights service provider, better reflecting what we do for our customers and how we support the value chain we serve, whether through our published studies, quarterly Data Transcripts, individual customer market research and business development projects, M&A market and customer due diligence, and through AWA conferences and events. In today’s changing market and competitive landscape, much more than market research is needed by our clients. A deeper understanding of market dynamics, changes, and insights as to what has, is, and will happen in the future, is critical for strategic decision making”. 

AWA focuses on the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating, and converting sector, with specific expertise in pressure-sensitive materials, release liner, labeling and product decoration, and flexible packaging materials. With this expertise, AWA publishes a portfolio of market and industry studies, providing the intelligence and insights companies need.  

Anum Javed Beg, manager, Market Intelligence & Business Insights, said, “Our subject matter expertise allows us to provide the best market information available, as well as unparalleled support on custom studies and depth in our industry and market analysis. The positioning of AWA Market Intelligence & Business Insight Services better aligns with our capabilities and accurately represents our range of services.”

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