Orion S.A released its 2022 Sustainability Report highlighting a variety of initiatives, including launching four new sustainable products, conducting a Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions inventory, and nearing the completion of an air emissions control project.

The report’s “CEO Letter to Stakeholders” describes the magnitude, complexity and impact of the air emissions control initiative that started five years ago and is the biggest sustainability-linked project in Orion’s history. According to Orion, the company will fulfill its commitments before several competitors despite that it has more production sites in the United States.

“All of us at Orion can look back at the past five years and feel an extreme amount of pride,” said Orion CEO Corning Painter. “We stayed committed during intensely trying times and honored our agreement to make our facilities cleaner, leading to a big impact for the environment and health in our communities.”

Orion was one of the first major producers to develop and commercialize carbon black made from renewable feedstocks. The 2022 Sustainability Report covers how the company is working to be a leading innovator, launching four sustainable products last year for the rubber industry: ECORAX® Circular 210, 215, 220 and ECORAX® Nature 200.

“Supplying the growing demand for sustainable products and accelerating the transition to a circular economy are key components of our strategy,” said Painter. “Orion, as well as our customers, are serious about making their raw materials fully sustainable. We are heavily engaged in this area and work closely with our customers to develop solutions.”

Another 2022 sustainability milestone at Orion involved implementing a Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions inventory, which allows the company to develop a better understanding of the type of initiatives that would help reduce these emissions.

Scope 3 emissions are those produced by a company’s supply chain partners, and currently account for less than 40% of Orion’s total greenhouse gas emissions. In parallel to reducing Scope 3 emissions together with value chain partners, the company continues to focus on the sources of greenhouse gas emissions that it can directly influence, such as Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

To learn more and download a PDF version of the report, visit www.orioncarbons.com.