The Grolman Group recently announced that the company has received a Platinum rating from EcoVadis. The rating reflecting the specialty chemical distributor’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. This award places the Grolman Group in the top 1% of companies committed to environmental and social responsibility.

The company’s vision, "We want to sell chemicals to save the planet", is validated by the EcoVadis Platinum rating. This recognition underlines the company's progress in implementing this principle.

Florian Grolman, CEO of the Grolman Group, explained, “The path to this remarkable achievement was marked by conscientious efforts. From transparent reporting to active stakeholder engagement to implementing sustainable practices in the supply chain, every step has contributed to this milestone.

"Our success also speaks to the dedication of our team. The commendable efforts of all stakeholders and especially our CLIMATE team have contributed significantly to this achievement. The platinum rating from EcoVadis is both an endorsement and an inspiration for our continued commitment to sustainability."

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