Polymers producer VINAVIL Americas recently announced its immediate expansion into the Western United States with the appointment of NAGASE Specialty Materials NA LLC as distributor for that regional market. As a result, customers in western states can more readily access VINAVIL’s customized technologies, including adhesives, PVAc, vinyl acetate/vinyl versatate, VeoVa™, styrene/acrylic, and acrylic polymers. NSM will continue to represent VINAVIL in the Southwest, Midwest and Southeast United States. 

VINAVIL’s core strategy encompasses the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new polymers for coatings, adhesives, textiles, construction and other specialty applications. NAGASE Specialty Materials supplies and manufactures specialty chemicals to these same markets in North America, with a focus on providing differentiated value-added capabilities to customers through technical proficiency and an experienced sales team. 

“They have the right chemistry," said Hemant Shah, business director for VINAVIL Americas. “We have a solid relationship with NAGASE in other regional markets and know the value that they bring us. VINAVIL is a world-class manufacturer with a rich tradition of customer intimacy and so is NAGASE. Our corporate cultures are closely aligned, and we look forward to helping our customers bring innovative and high performing products to market on the West Coast.” 

“The entire NAGASE Specialty Materials team is excited to expand our strategic relationship with VINAVIL to the West Coast,” said Al Bernhardt, NSM’s vice president Functional Materials. “There is something special about the partnership we have with VINAVIL. We share important values like prioritizing the health and safety of people, a passionate work ethic, transparency and exploring a sustainable path forward. We can leverage our collective strengths as partners,” said Bernhardt. “NSM’s demonstrated track record of sales success with VINAVIL in other regions of the US, combined with the exceptional VINAVIL product line, is a formula for success that will be valued by customers throughout the Western Region,” concluded Bernhardt.

VINAVIL AMERICAS is committed to continuously serving and supporting customers in bringing new and successful European technologies including adhesives and nanoparticles-based products for wood coating, concrete coating and DTM – industrial coating; VeoVa™ copolymer emulsion for architectural interior/exterior; and masonry paints offering high alkali, humidity and water resistant properties. 

Learn more at www.vinavil.com/us and www.nsm-na.com.