In a development that bolsters supply of SpeedMixer® equipment, Hauschild Engineering has announced its expanded support to customers worldwide, especially impacting customers in the United States. This follows a termination with FlackTek Inc., the US-based company that served as an authorized distributor for Hauschild’s SpeedMixer machines until May 2020. Hauschild sold nearly 10,000 machines through FlackTek.

“Hauschild is committed to ensuring that consumers receive access to genuine Hauschild parts and service from authorized representatives throughout the world,” said Fabio Boccola, CEO, Hauschild Engineering. “We can now provide our customers with direct support, reinforcing our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction,” he continued. “Most laboratories don’t know their device is a genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer purchased between 1996 and May 2020 from the very company inventing centrifuge mixing technology.”

Consumers and laboratories can easily verify if their SpeedMixer is a genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer. Purchasers will be asked for the purchase date and serial number of their device. The verification form is available on the Hauschild website. Hauschild SpeedMixer will provide all relevant information for direct support for machines manufactured by Hauschild Engineering. 

Manufactured exclusively in Germany, Hauschild SpeedMixer machines utilize dual asymmetric centrifugal technology, an invention that has set the standard for bladeless mixing. This technology allows for extremely fast, bubble-free compound mixing of materials, delivering unparalleled precision and quality in various applications, from laboratory research to industrial manufacturing.

With the termination of its relationship with FlackTek, Hauschild Engineering is now directly supporting customers in territories previously covered by FlackTek and its affiliates. The company guarantees the worldwide supply of original Hauschild SpeedMixer equipment, spare parts, and all other consumables for existing and new machines.

Hauschild Engineering’s U.S. affiliate is headquartered in Detroit. More distributors and representatives all over the world are listed on the Hauschild website.

“Today marks a new chapter in Hauschild’s history,” said Boccola. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers around the globe with the authentic Hauschild products and services they have come to trust.”

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