Lummus Technology has reached an agreement with Air Liquide Engineering & Construction to acquire rights to license and market ester-grade acrylic acid technology, and light and heavy acrylates process technology. According to Lummus, the addition expands its portfolio for propylene production and derivative products, offering customers more options between upstream and downstream operations.

"Combining the acrylic acid and acrylates technologies into our portfolio positions Lummus to offer our customers end-to-end solutions, from propane, gas or biomass to high-value polymers and chemicals for consumer and industrial products," said Leon de Bruyn, president and chief executive officer of Lummus Technology. "Moreover, we can now integrate these technologies into the full chemical value chain, and drive better CAPEX and OPEX solutions, as well as pivot toward circular polymer products to help our customers achieve their investment and sustainability goals."

Acrylic acid is the central compound that serves as a building block in producing super absorbent polymers, adhesives and numerous coatings. Ester grade acrylic acid is vital in the synthesis of various acrylate esters, which are crucial components in resins, plastics, rubber, and other goods. The acquired technology converts propylene into ester-grade acrylic acid while reducing capital requirements and delivering a low carbon footprint. It has been commercially demonstrated for large-scale acrylic acid production around the world for more than 50 years.

Lummus currently offers propylene production process technologies from bio-derived feedstocks through its Verdene™ suite. With the addition of these processes, the company can address the planning of entire propylene complexes, creating opportunities for integrated product portfolios, while improving project economics and expediting execution schedules.

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