ROSS Mixers is offering a Trial Rental Program that provides process managers a tool for optimizing R&D projects before committing to substantial capital investment. One such R&D mixer is the ROSS Model PDM-1/2 PowerMix Planetary Disperser featuring two independently driven agitators: a High Viscosity “HV” Planetary Stirrer (25-254 rpm) and a 2” diameter High Speed Disperser (600-6,000 rpm). In addition to rotating on individual axes, the Planetary Stirrer orbits the vessel (18-175 rpm), ensuring constant turnover regardless of the product’s flow characteristics. The PowerMix can handle a wide range of applications including dry powder blends, slurries, gels, and highly viscous pastes.

The bench-mounted PDM-1/2 with a ½ gallon working capacity is suitable for operation under vacuum up to 29.5”Hg and includes a hydraulic lift for raising and lowering the mix can to and from the mixing position. 

ROSS maintains a multi-million-dollar inventory comprised of both pre-owned and new mixing equipment dedicated to the trial rental program. This extensive stock of laboratory and production-scale mixers is intended to meet the diverse needs and timelines of manufacturers in virtually all the process industries. 

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