ProSys Fill, LLC announces the Custom Mix (CMX) System, an on demand in-line manufacturing process that allows manufacturers to produce a base product in large volume and then process smaller volumes of final products by blending in additives to the base product. Manufacturers can simultaneously inject and mix up to 12 additives at flow rates up to 12 gallons per minute. With its high precision accuracy, space saving design, and support for custom volume production, CMX is fully integrated into any ProSys fill station and control platform for filling cartridges, tubes, syringes, airless pumps, or unique containers.

Handling base products with viscosities up to 3 million centipoise, CMX is designed for use with creams, lotions, pastes, liquids, and abrasive slurries. It is ideal for adhesives, cosmetics, chemicals, and dentifrice pastes, as well as pharmaceuticals, sealants and caulks, and greases.

With its high precision accuracy, CMX results in less product giveaway as well as better final product color accuracy. Since it can be adapted to feed any existing filling machinery, it eliminates the need for expensive mixing and batching equipment. By reducing or eliminating batch mixing and changeover time, CMX saves labor costs, while also reducing product waste. 

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