ENERCON: Surface Treaters

Enercon atmospheric plasma surface treaters improve adhesion for a wide variety of applications. Treat both conductive and non-conductive surfaces with unique, blown-ion Dyne-A-Mite IT™. Take advantage of free laboratory trials and leading application expertise. Call Jessi Leigl at (262) 255-6070 to set up your free trial today.

For more information, visit www.enerconind.com/treating/products/dyneAMiteIT.html .

CHARLES ROSS & SON CO.: Dual Shaft Mixers

Charles Ross and Son Co. has announced the in-stock availability of its Dual Shaft Change Can Mixers. The CDA Model Dual Shaft Mixers are offered from stock with an anchor and a high-speed disperser. Each agitator is independently driven by an inverter duty, explosion-proof motor to enable its use for variable-speed operation. This line of economical mixers is stocked in 2-, 10-, 50- and 100-gallon sizes. Change can models are available in many additional sizes, ranging from 2 to 1,000 gallons. Stocked units include 304 stainless steel-wetted parts, vacuum construction, air/oil hydraulic lifts to raise and lower the agitators. Options include thermocouples, jackets for heating or cooling, a variety of discharge valves, etc. Units are available for sale or rental and are suited for a wide variety of mixing and dispersion tasks for products having viscosities to several hundred thousand centipoises.

For more information, call (800) 243-ROSS or e-mail sales@mixers.com .