The Transportation division of Bostik Inc. has introduced a strippable, high-performance, fire-retardant film adhesive designed to replace solvent-based adhesives used to bond decorative laminates to composite panels for interior aerospace applications. FPA110-1FR film adhesive adheres to Tedlar, vinyl, aluminum, polyamide film, phenolic prepregs and various fabrics and wools. It passes Boeing specification BMS 5-158 Type 2 and can be pre-applied and later bonded with heat and pressure to the composite panel at a bond line temperature of 113oC and pressures of 20-50 psi.

Bostik Inc. is a unit of Total SA, a $170-billion multinational company with extensive worldwide interests in oil exploration, petroleum refining and the formulation of specialty chemicals. The company’s product line includes elastomeric adhesives and sealants, structural adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, solvent- and waterborne adhesives, and unique web and film adhesives.

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