This company recently introduced two radiation technology systems for labeling applications for the Latin American market that lower energy costs, significantly reduce production space requirements and provide fewer restriction on materials, including those that are temperature-sensitive.

These RC silicone systems are acrylate-modified silicones, specifically designed to cure with ultraviolet light (UV) or electron beam (EB) energy. TEGO RC Silicones are silicone functional polymers that are 100% oligomeric and solvent-free. The technology is commonly used in applications for bottle, cosmetic, hygiene and food labeling, as well as industrial applications.

The two UV-curable silicone release systems produce release coatings without the use of heat, but differ in their underlying chemistries. The first is based on silicone acrylate and cures via a free-radical mechanism, while the other release system uses epoxy silicones and cures in the presence of a cationic photo catalyst. Standard medium-pressure mercury UV lamps (arc lamps) or microwave-induced UV lamps (as used in normal UV printing and coating processes) can be used to cure both types of silicones.

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