tesa tape inc. has unveiled three new splicing tapes to join its existing line of products for newsprint and commercial printing applications. They are the first in a series of tapes to be launched as part of tesa’s EasySplice®Third Generation innovations.

tesa 51806 EasySplice Newsprint Detect High Shear is a new-and-improved adhesive designed for secure bonding of splices that maintains adhesive integrity during extreme storage conditions. Its shear-resistant adhesive remains intact even under high shear stress during extended storage of paper rolls prepared for future printing jobs.

tesa 51736 EasySplice Robotic Detect and tesa 51836 EasySplice Robotic Detect High Shear are designed to work with common types of automated applicators. tesa 51836 is equipped with the same features as 51806, all readily available for the automated application process. tesa 51736 offers similar product features to 51806, harboring a slightly different adhesive formulation for less-demanding storage conditions.

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