After recently launching the unique MetalJacket metal treatment and coating system for corrosion control of metal parts, Lord Corp. has developed several key process improvements that dramatically reduce the costs and space required to apply the technology. Using robotics for part handling, tightly integrated automation of the process, and an induction heating system for cleaning, drying and curing metal parts, the new process takes advantage of the inherent speed and simplicity of the MetalJacket corrosion control coating system. This has resulted in a lower capital and operating cost application that most manufacturers can integrate into their current production process without the need for sending metal parts out for corrosion control coating to third parties, or disrupting their current process flow. Key parts of the patented system include controlled induction heating for cleaning, drying, and curing; robotics for rapid and precise part handling; automation for integrated process control; and the unique MetalJacket corrosion control system for rapid precision coating of complex steel parts. The induction heating process works like a microwave oven to clean, dry and cure metal parts during various stages of the corrosion control treatment and coating process.

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