The full convection reflow oven RO300FC from Essemtec is designed for high temperature soldering of sensitive electronics. It is a solution for going into lead-free soldering technology. The efficient convection heating enables a high throughput in combination with a small footprint and homogeneous heat distribution over the complete soldering range. The oven is available as a tabletop or a stand model and is applicable for all reflow tasks or for the curing of adhesives. Due to the individual regulation of each heating zone, all types of temperature profiles can be designed, and the processes are reproducible. For simple setup of the correct temperature profile, the oven is delivered with many preset standard profiles for SMT applications. Furthermore, the controls offer enough memory for programming of customized temperature profiles. With drag-along thermocouples and the windows profiling software, all processes can be measured, compared and documented. The full convection reflow oven RO300FC features easy operation, perfect reflow results and a robust construction. It is suitable for continuous production as well as for small-batch manufacturing.

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