The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC), Bethesda, Md., and Adhesives & Sealants Industry (ASI) magazine, Troy, Mich., co-sponsored a symposium on Adhesives for Product Assembly, June 18-19, 2001, at the Michigan State University Management Education Center in Troy, Mich. The highly focused symposium aimed at showcasing adhesives used in various applications, including automotive, furniture construction, appliances and electronics.

According to the moderator, Robert W. Smith, director, The ChemQuest Group, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio, "We had a good mix of presentations from adhesives suppliers, end users, and equipment and dispensing suppliers. I was particularly happy to see such a large turnout from the pressure sensitive industry."

The speakers represented adhesives end users, manufacturers of adhesives, equipment suppliers, R&D/academia and consultants. They included:

    Cynthia Bellian, Specialty Tape Div., Avery Dennison, PSAs: Delivering ROI Advantages in Automotive, Electronics and Appliance Assembly;
    Steve Chookazian, Ashland Specialty Polymers & Adhesives Division, High-Performance Induction Bonding for Demanding Thermoplastic Product-Assembly Applications;
    Amelia DeBaggis, Honeywell, How a PSA Can Be Used as an Alternate to Epoxy in a Potted Wire Harness Application and Other PSA Assembly Applications;
    Mike Fornes, Nordson Corp., Dispensing for Electronics Assembly;
    Barbara A. Hill, 3M/Bonding Systems Division, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for the New Millennium;
    Dr. Ron Horwitz, Imperial Adhesives/Sovereign, Tackling Old Problems With Modern Solutions;
    Dr. Misty Huang, OSi Specialties, a business of Crompton, Silane Adhesion Promoters for Difficult Substrates;
    Dan Leeser, PreFORM Adhesives, Using Preforms to Simplify Adhesive-Assembly Processes;
    Don Leone, Ashby Cross Co., Overview of State-of-the-Art Meter/Mix/Dispense Technologies;
    Brad Mingels, Tyco Adhesives, Matching the Right Product to the Application;
    Paul J. Rachielles, Loctite Corp., Novel Advances in UV/Moisture Dual-Cure Silicones for Potting and Sealing Applications;
    Dr. George Ritter, The Edison Welding Institute, Surface Treatments for Product Assembly;
    Michael Romano, Liquid Control Corp., Best Equipment Technology for the Application;
    Jim Schultz, Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc., Dispensing Concepts and Approaches for Adhesives and Sealants;
    Todd Scott, Uniseal, Adhesives in Automotive Closure Panel Assembly;
    Robert W. Simmons, PGPhillips & Associates, Reactive Adhesives/Advances and Trends in Product Assembly;
    Robert W. Smith, The ChemQuest Group, The U.S. Adhesives and Assembly Markets;
    Jim Tira, Honeywell, Designing for Success Using Adhesive-Joining Technology.

Keynote Speaker Entertaining and Informative

Gilbert B. Chapman II, senior manager, Advanced Materials, Liberty and Technical Affairs, DaimlerChrysler Corp., Rochester Hills, Mich., presented the keynote address at the Monday luncheon. Attendees enjoyed both the content and delivery of his presentation.

Chapman's address focused on the need and requirements for adhesive bonding of thermoplastic composites in automotive body assemblies. The drive to improve the overall energy efficiency of automobiles without compromising capacity, performance, appearance or price has motivated innovative approaches to vehicle weight reduction without a concomitant cost increase. One such an approach is an injection molded thermoplastic composite body mounted on a metal frame. Adhesive bonding is being evaluated as a leading joining candidate. The presentation outlined the joining requirements and constraints, related the industry requirements, and outlined the preferred methods of evaluating bond joints against those requirements.

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