This floppy-disk savings calculator is available free of charge to plant personnel who use hot melts.
A free floppy-disk savings calculator has been introduced for plant managers who use adhesives. It includes two new spreadsheets for calculating savings that can be achieved by switching a 350degF (177degC) hot melt adhesive for case and carton sealing to a 250degF (121degC) low-temperature hot melt adhesive.

The spreadsheets help plant managers estimate savings achieved through minimizing clogged nozzles and reduced energy consumption. Clogged nozzles lead to costs for downtime and labor.

The information needed to use the spreadsheet to estimate savings by reducing clogged-nozzle problems includes the:

  • current price per pound of 350degF hot melt adhesive,
  • proposed price per pound of 250degF adhesive,
  • number of cases or cartons sealed per year,
  • inches of adhesives used per case or carton,
  • nozzle-clogs experience per year (COOL-LOK adhesive has reduced tip clogging by 70%),
  • labor cost per hour, and
  • downtime cost per minute.
Once these numbers are entered, the program calculates the current cost, proposed cost and annual savings that can be achieved by switching from a traditional hot melt adhesive to a 250degF low-temperature hot melt adhesive.

For calculating the energy savings, plant personnel only need to enter the:

  • ambient temperature in the plant in degrees Fahrenheit,
  • set-back temperature,
  • pounds of adhesive that need to be reheated,
  • number of times per year that reheating is needed and
  • energy cost per kilowatt hour (an attached list includes values by state).

For a free disk containing both spreadsheets, contact National Starch and Chemical Information Center, One Matrix Drive, Monroe, NJ 08831; fax 609-409-4992; e-mail Or Circle No. 66.