Chemineer has released a brochure entitled "Advanced Impeller Technology for Superior Performance" that details the company's wide variety of precision-engineered impeller designs. This four-page, full-color bulletin provides information on Chemineer's latest impeller advancements, such as the SC-3, the Maxflow W and the Maxflow WSE. The new brochure also details Chemineer's time-tested impeller designs, such as the HE-3, the S-4 and P-4. Also found in the new brochure are descriptions of Chemineer's high-viscosity impeller options, including the Double Helical Ribbon impeller and the Anchor impeller. Chemineer's new Maxflow WSE side-entering impeller design, featuring a high-efficiency hydrofoil design for maximum pumping action, is also included in the new brochure.

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