Gigahertz-Optik's P-9801 Optometer provides high-speed 8-channel parallel signal processing for a range of radiometric/photometric/colorimetric applications requiring multiple detection capability. Readings of up to eight detectors are simultaneously displayed with a slew rate between 2 to 10 milliseconds (range dependent) on the P-9801's 8-line display. Fully automated data processing and remote control operation by computer via IEEE or RS232 interface is possible. Operation modes include CW or pulse, peak, relative percent, reference, manual or autorange, datalogger, ratio, dose, color chromaticity values and color temperature. Other key features include adjustable sampling time (1 ms to 10 s), backlit display, 0.1 picoampere to 2 milliampere signal measurement range (0.2 percent of reading +/- 0.05 percent of range precision all ranges), trigger input, optional Windows software and complete command list for self-programmers. A wide range of specifically configured Gigahertz-Optik UV-Vis-NIR, color and integrating sphere-based detectors is available. The P-9801 price is $4,828 without detectors.

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