Seegott has recently opened two offices in Canada.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Canada – Seegott Inc., a leading distributor of specialty chemicals, has recently opened two offices in Canada. Seegott of Canada Inc. officially began operations on January 2, 2001, with the opening of offices in Mississauga, Ontario, and Longueuil, Quebec. The Seegott subsidiary is staffed by a team of specialty-chemicals distribution experts experienced and recognized in key Canadian markets.

Paul Seegott, president of parent company Seegott Inc., said the expansion now enables the Streetsboro, Ohio-based firm to deliver world-class sales, marketing and distribution services to global specialty-chemicals manufacturers capitalizing on opportunities on both sides of the border.

According to Seegott, the expansion into Canada was spurred by a request from key principal partner, Wacker Silicones Corp. The Adrian, Mich., manufacturer of silicone fluids, emulsions and resins asked Seegott to represent it in Canada. Paul Seegott said his company simply couldn’t turn down such an opportunity to deliver added value to a key client while expanding its global reach into the country’s $2 billion (Canadian) chemicals-distribution market.

According to Bill Heise, president of Seegott of Canada, the new operation has reached an agreement to represent OxyChem’s Durez Division, and has at least a half-dozen more such deals in the works.

Heise said that since the 1993 passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, more and more specialty-chemicals manufacturers on both sides of the border have expanded operations throughout the region and that this trend will only increase as more trade barriers are lifted.

For more information on the Mississauga facility, call 866-445-5501. For information on the Longueuil location, call 866-445-5501.