Hand-built by Panoz Auto Development the roadster is the first Aluminum Intensive Vehicle (AIV) manufactured in the United States.

Key components of this aluminum-intensive roadster are bonded with methacrylate adhesive from ITW Plexus, Danvers, Mass.
The Panoz AIV Roadster, a new type of sports car, is 70% aluminum and has a curb weight of 2,600 lb. Its 4.6-liter, 32-valve, V-8 engine rockets the car from 0 to 60 mph in a heart-stopping 4.5 seconds. Hand-built by Panoz Auto Development Co., Hoschton, Ga., the roadster is the first Aluminum Intensive Vehicle (AIV) manufactured in the United States. Ford Motor Co. produces the vehicle¿s engine and drivetrain. Only 200 of these vehicles are built each year.

A methacrylate adhesive from ITW Plexus, Danvers, Mass., is used in key structural bonding applications throughout the car. Joel Grewett, general manager of Panoz, points out that aluminum body panels are bonded to the all-aluminum chassis using super-tough Plexus A0420 adhesive. The adhesive is also used to bond the hood, deck and door liners in clamshell fashion.

Panoz¿s decision to use the Plexus adhesive was heavily influenced by Ford¿s own success with the product. In fact, Ford has bonded more than five million thermoplastic bumpers over the past decade using the adhesive ¿ with no problems.

Plexus A0420 offers the unique combination of tensile strength and modulus of elasticity needed to produce tough, permanent bonds on a wide range of dissimilar materials. Panoz notes that other benefits of the adhesive include minimal surface preparation, superior-strength bonds compared with other adhesives and proven durability in automotive body assembly.

Plexus adhesives are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, manufacturing and construction industries. For more information on Plexus A0420 methacrylate adhesive, contact ITW Plexus, 30 Endicott St., Danvers, MA 01923; phone 800-851-6692; fax 978-777-7904.

For more information on the Panoz AIV Roadster, contact Panoz Auto Development Co., 1101 Highway 124, Hoschton, GA 30548; phone 888-476-2660; fax 770-307-1714.