DYMAX has introduced a new line of light and activator curing adhesives for choke and transformer assembly that cure and fixture in seconds, making automation of gapped and ungapped cores easier and faster. Multi-Cure 621-VT one-component adhesive for ungapped cores provides strong and resilient bridge bonds that cure in 5-10 seconds upon exposure to the DYMAX BlueWave 200 spot light curing system. The bridge bonding method prevents variations in transformer inductance. As a result, design differences due to changes in inductance are eliminated. DYMAX 800 series adhesives, for gapped and ungapped cores, fixture in 30 to seconds at room temperature with activator and achieve higher strength interfacial bonds minutes later. Rapid strength build-up occurs in minutes at room temperature. The 800 series adhesives are recommended for applications where the highest strength bonds are required.

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