Material and supply offerings from the industry's manufacturers.

Aqueous Defoamer/Additive

This company offers 955 Defoamer, a high-performance aqueous product designed for most water-based inks, coatings and other liquids. The product has proven to be effective both as a foam-prevention aid and a foam knockdown additive. It has primary application in the converting, packaging, ink, food and printing industries. Circle No. 100

Specialty Coatings

RUBINATE 9513 isocyanate, designed for use as a primer for concrete to be used with a spray polyurea topcoat, now has expanded capabilities, including certain adhesive applications. The product is an emulsifiable diphenylmethane diisocyanate that can be dispersed in water or castor oil in a 1:1 ratio. This mixture can be easily sprayed, rolled or painted with minimal bubbling onto wet or dry surfaces. In addition, it demonstrates high impact strength and abrasion resistance. Circle No. 102


MERGAL K10N is a solvent-free, 100-percent water-soluble benzisothiazolin (BIT) compound. It is designed to provide in-package control of bacteria and fungi with improved effectiveness and greater compatibility than conventional BIT compounds. Unlike conventional BIT preservatives, which are sold in glycol solutions or emulsified with surfactants, the product is free of these ancillary ingredients that can affect coating properties and cause instability. Circle No. 103


This company has developed a technology to manufacture nanocomposites consisting of monodisperse, non-agglomerated SiO2 nanoparticles and liquid-reactive resins. The manufacturing process is very flexible and allows the production of nanocomposites based on various different resin systems. Highly filled formulations can be realized with a unique combination of properties such as toughness, high modulus, and scratch and abrasion resistance. Potential applications are radiation-curing coatings, adhesives, fiber-reinforced materials or casting resins for the electrical and electronic industry. Circle No. 101