3M has announced the introduction of the 3M Wafer Support System for ultra-thin semiconductor wafer backgrinding. An alternative to conventional tape process for backgrinding, the new system is capable of producing wafers as thin as 20 microns. This approach allows semiconductor manufacturers to use their existing grinding equipment to produce thinner wafers at faster grinding speeds with increased yields. Developed in Japan by the laboratories of Sumitomo 3M, the 3M Wafer Support System includes both equipment and consumables for a comprehensive approach to wafer backgrinding support challenges. The 3M equipment includes a wafer mounter to attach the wafer to the glass plate with liquid adhesive, a wafer demounter to separate the glass and adhesive from the wafer after the backgrinding process, and a glass cleaner/coater. The consumable materials include 3M ultra clean UV curable spin-on adhesive and a light-to-heat conversion (LTHC) coating. The LTHC layer enables separation of the adhesive from the glass after the backgrinding process. The system provides manufacturers with flexibility and the ability to use their existing backgrinding equipment to achieve outstanding results.

For more information, visit http://www.3M.com/electronicmaterials or call (800) 251-8634.