In response to new EPA regulations on the use of pressure-treated lumber in all residential and some commercial applications, Powers Fasteners is the first manufacturer in the industry to introduce a non-stainless steel powder-actuated fastener with three times the corrosion resistance of standard zinc parts. The new PTZ Powder Actuated Fasteners are manufactured to provide the equivalent of a triple-zinc coating (G-185) for protection against increased corrosion caused by the newer chemicals allowed for pressure-treated lumber. These chemicals include Sodium Borate (SBX), Alkaline Copper Quarternary (ACQ) and Copper Azole Types A and B (CBA-A and CAB). The Powers PTZ coating is the same as that found on other connector hardware used for pressure-treated lumber applications. Powers PTZ pins, used for fastening sill plates into concrete and grout-filled masonry, are available in .300 head or 8mm head, with either a 7/8" or 1" round or square washer to increase resistance to pullover. A plastic diaphragm over the washer helps prevent the PTZ coating from being scraped off as the pin is fired through the washer. The head of the PTZ washer will be stamped showing PTL (pressure treated lumber) approval.

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