Scapa offers Duofoam S3608B-PE, a double-coated cross-linked polyethylene foam tape for window glazing, sound attenuation, mounting and gasketing applications. Offering excellent long term aging and environmental durability, this product provides good thermal insulation and is highly conformable to irregular surfaces. S3608B-PE is made up of a 1/8-inch, black crosslinked polyethylene foam tape, double coated with a solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesive. Supplied on a red polyethylene release line, this tape is A.A.M.A. certified 810.1-92. Delivering superior weather resistance over water-based products, this foam tape performs well over a wide temperature range. S3608B-PE maintains a strong seal in high movement joints and provides high load- bearing ability. The product die cuts easily and offers uniform unwind properties.

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