Bayer MaterialScience LLC now offers Baytec RS polyurethane material, a multi-layer polyurethane technology designed for reinforcing acrylic and ABS parts in applications ranging from spas to bathtubs to architectural parts such as garage doors. The Baytec RS system utilizes open-mold processing. It is sprayed onto the back of formed acrylic or ABS parts, providing reinforcement without the use of glass fiber. This eliminates the need for hand roll-out of the fiber and helps to cut cycle time. Curing is faster as well; while an FRP material may take an hour to be ready to trim, parts reinforced with Baytec RS material are ready in 15 minutes. "Costs are reduced in several ways with this material," said Harry George, specialty RIM business group leader. "The single, open mold reduces tooling cost, labor costs for hand roll-out of fiber reinforcing materials are eliminated, and cycle time is cut, meaning greater productivity." The Baytec RS system provides high flexural modulus and features ease of processing. It applies and cures at room temperature (with a gel time of about 2 minutes) and does not require post-curing. It is processed using three-steam, low-pressure metering and mixing machinery.

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