Nashua Clear Duct Tape is now available from Tyco Adhesives, a business unit of Tyco Plastics and Adhesives. Clear duct tape makes repairs less noticeable due to its nearly "invisible" design. Made of polyethylene, this duct tape features an acrylic adhesive system to make repairs less visible in and around the home, workplace and jobsite. Nashua Clear Duct Tape offers the strength and durability of traditional duct tape without the noticeable silver (or other) color. It is good for many repair jobs, inside and out, and it is also water- and UV-resistant. "Whether you're repairing a window screen or covering a crack on a colored surface, Nashua Clear Duct Tape makes the repair without calling attention to itself," said Paul Brodowski, customer product manager for Tyco Plastics & Adhesives. "Colored duct tape has a million possible uses, and now our clear duct tape opens up a world of many more possibilities." Nashua Clear Duct Tape is easy to unwind, tear and apply. It conforms easily to both smooth and uneven surfaces. The self-wound tape is available in a roll size of 48 millimeters by 18 meters (2 inches by 20 yards). Supplied in cases of 24 rolls, it has an adhesion-to-steel rating of 33.6 g/mm and a tensile strength of 0.68 kg/mm.

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