Henkel Corp. has introduced Hysol FP4547FC, the first capillary flip-chip underfill designed to be compatible with clean and no-clean flux residues. This unique product protects lead-free flip-chip devices and allows them to meet JEDEC Level 3/260 degree C moisture test requirements. Hysol FP4547FC provides superior moisture resistance and reduces stress, thereby delivering higher reliability than competitive underfills. By incorporating two patented additives that remove and neutralize flux residues from between the flip-chip die and substrate, this product delivers excellent results on high performance assemblies. This underfill meets the new JEDEC requirements for lead-free flip-chip assembly, while providing excellent thermal cycle performance and simplifying the assembly process. In most cases, post-assembly flip-chip cleaning processes may be eliminated, saving manufacturing time and capital resources. Ideal for OEMs and subcontractors assembling lead-free flip-chip packages, Hysol FP4547FC is qualified on build-up laminate flip-chip packages at JEDEC L3/260 degrees C, and on ceramic flip-chip packages at JEDEC L1/260 degrees C.

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