KRATON™ Polymers has developed KRATON D-KX222 Polymer and KRATON LIQUID™ Polymers.

KRATON™ Polymers, Houston, has developed KRATON D-KX222 Polymer and KRATON LIQUID™ Polymers, which can be cured on hot- and warm-melt systems using either ultraviolet (UV) or electron beam technology. This offers formulators the opportunity to choose a curing method to suit their equipment when producing PSA formulations for high-performance tape and label applications. KRATON D-KX222 Polymer maintains good adhesive properties at high temperatures due to a uniform crosslinking of the adhesive layer after UV cure. This makes it well-suited for use in industrial tapes where temperature resistance is normally required. KRATON LIQUID Polymers can provide additional performance and processing benefits for adhesive formulations used in more-demanding applications. They allow formulators to develop thicker coating adhesive layers and higher stability than would be possible using the D-KX222 Polymers.