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A group of Battelle experts have predicted the Top 10 Trends in Healthy Homes for 2010. They are, in order of importance:
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Home-Based Medical Monitoring, Diagnosis and Care
  • Monitoring and Sensing for Home Safety and Personal Protection
  • Absolutely Reliable and High-Quality Power
  • Whole-House Water Quality
  • Food Quality and Safe Handling, Storing and Cooking
  • The Baby Boomer Factor: They Don't Want to Get Old
  • Battling Mites and Molds in Bedding, Furniture and Carpets
  • Drudge-Free Housecleaning
  • Sterile Surfaces: Germ-Resistant Materials, Coatings and Fabrics
"The market is here for products that address these needs in the health-conscious Baby Boomer generation. People are concerned about maintaining their health and want to make sure they take every step in their own homes to do so," said Steve Millett, thought leader and futurist for Battelle.

Adhesives and sealants manufacturers have already been at work addressing these needs:

  • When the American Lung Association of Washington built its Healthy House, it created an airtight envelope for energy efficiency and complete control of the indoor environment. Then it made sure that every room of the house received a constant supply of fresh, clean air while the stale air was removed. And, as a final step, it took care to make sure that the materials used to construct the house and finish the interior, as well as the furnishings and products put in the house, were free of toxins and irritants that might impact health. It also took steps to discourage biological pollutants such as dust mites and molds.

    Sheet-metal ductwork throughout the home's interior was sealed at all joints with a non-toxic mastic to prevent dust and pollen from entering the ductwork and circulating throughout the house. A non-toxic, water-based adhesive was used to install vinyl flooring.

  • Rohm and Haas Co., Philadelphia, points out that once an adhesive or sealant is applied, fungi and yeast can colonize the surface film causing discoloration and degradation. The company offers dry-film fungicides developed for use in silicone sealants. These products combine long-term fungicidal protection with environmentally friendly properties.

  • And finally, here's some hope for the aging Baby Boomer. Advances in tissue adhesives will have a growing impact on cosmetic surgery. The use of tissue glue in face and brow lifts will be adopted by an increasing number of plastic surgeons as its potential benefits of more rapid and predictable healing are further substantiated, according to to the The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

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