Avery Dennison Specialty Tape Division has introduced a family of adhesive-backed aluminum foil tapes that provide the engineered solutions demanded in automotive, appliance, electronics and industrial markets. The foil tapes are available with 2, 5 and 10 mil aluminum foil facestocks. The line also includes scrim-reinforced foils. These products serve a variety of functions and applications, including sound and vibration damping, thermal management and insulation, vapor and moisture barrier, EMC shielding, etching, milling, and plating. Foil PSAs provide a means to manage sound and vibration since viscoelastic pressure-sensitive adhesives are used as part of constrained layer-damping components to provide a quiet and solid-sounding product. The adhesive absorbs the energy of the vibration and converts it to low-grade heat energy, then dissipates it. In addition to reducing the noise associated with the operation of the appliance, the constrained, layer-damping material helps reduce stress fatigue of metal structure and lengthens service life.

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