New SureSeal non-contact, sift-proof guns from Nordson Corp. feature high-speed, high-flow module design, which optimizes adhesive pattern flexibility and improves adhesive use by 25-50 percent compared to traditional pneumatic sift-proof guns. Pattern flexibility is achieved using individual screw-in nozzles that can be replaced without removing the nozzle plate from the gun. Optional nozzle blanks can be used to yield specific adhesive pattern spacing on the substrate. A new, cantilevered mounting bracket reduces costly downtime by giving operators and maintenance personnel complete access to all service components, which are designed for on-line replacement in less than 2 minutes. The all-electric design eliminates the need for compressed air, dynamic seals and high maintenance components, providing up to 10 times the life of a typical pneumatic gun and lowering operating costs. Sift-proof systems provide high-integrity hot melt barrier seals that eliminate product loss caused by granular products sifting and dusting through seams and openings at carton corners. In addition, these seals prevent foreign particles, insects or moisture from entering liner-less cartons.

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