PIAB Vacuum Products now offers dual-durometer suction cups with DURAFLEX, a revolutionary polyurethane material that combines the soft elasticity of rubber with the exceptional wear-resistance of polyurethane. These suction cups are ideal for a variety of packaging applications, including carton erecting, rotary cartoners, palletizing & depalletizing, pick and place and case formers. Unlike conventional suction cups that often cause micro-leakage, the unique DURAFLEX material allows PIAB's cups to form a proper seal on the material being handled, such as corrugated box. Consequently, having less leakage allows manufacturers to use smaller vacuum pumps, which reduces energy costs. Designed to handle objects weighing from a few grams to several hundred kilograms, PIAB's DURAFLEX suction cups provide an easy, inexpensive and reliable solution for moving a variety of different products and materials-especially fragile, awkward, compact, or porous objects with flat, spherical, angled, curved or uneven surfaces. PIAB's DURAFLEX suction cups have an outstanding resistance to wear, give increased production safety with a better grip, and leave no marks on handled parts. Additionally, built-in filters protect the vacuum system from dust and dirt.

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