Format Messtechnik GmbH, Karlsrhue, Germany, has developed a new technique for measuring the reaction profile and pot life of PU-CASE formulations and epoxy resins. The pot life and curing monitor device, SubCASE, provides both simple handling and reliable measurement data. SubCASE combines a dielectric polarization sensor with two temperature transducers. Dielectric polarization is the key parameter that gives insight into electro-chemical changes during the transition from liquid mixture to cured material. The test container is made of a replaceable sensor, which covers the bottom completely. It is mounted on the heated base plate of SubCASE and is covered with a cling film, thus avoiding any direct contact with the reactive mixture. Polarization data is obtained from the very beginning of the chemical reaction until the end of the curing process. A temperature probe is positioned in the center of the dielectric polarization sensor. The core temperature is measured additionally with a thermocouple (TC) positioned in the center of the test sample. For process near conditions, the base plate can be heated up to any controlled temperature as high as 110 degrees C.

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