Bayer MaterialScience LLC has developed a new group of polyurethane cast elastomer systems that enable casters/molders to produce extremely soft and flexible parts that have excellent tear resistance. The new proprietary Baytec technology has been developed to provide low durometer characteristics with extremely high tear strength and high elongation - without the use of expensive plasticizers that are often detrimental to the performance of the cast part. Such performance characteristics position the new Baytec soft elastomers as inexpensive replacements for silicones in repetitive-use parts such as molds. In addition to being 20 percent lighter than silicone rubber, the new Baytec elastomers also offer significant performance and processing advantages over competitive materials in applications such as roller coverings, gaskets, seals, and diaphragms. Exhaustive laboratory testing has shown the new Baytec soft elastomers to be abrasion resistant, resilient, hydrolytically stable and easily processed, with adjustable pot lives, low mixing ratios, and low viscosities. Application and wear tests find them tough and durable, with high elongation values and excellent low temperature properties.

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