Valiant Technologies' EZ-Poly Concrete Crack Filler is an innovative new specialty adhesive for the home and industrial markets. This two-part, polyurethane-based product is engineered to structurally fill, seal, bond, patch and rebuild concrete, brick, stone, masonry, plaster, ceramics, tile, and other construction material without shrinking. EZ-Poly Concrete Crack Filler features the easy-to-use SpakPak delivery system and can be applied on wet or dry surfaces. When freshly mixed, it pours into hard-to-reach cracks and spaces, curing in 20 minutes to a non-sag paste that can be shaped, carved, and painted. After two hours, it can be shaped, drilled, sanded or stained like hardwood. Fully cured in 24 hours, this product exceeds 3000 psi compressive strength and is completely shatterproof.

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