Cyanoacrylate dispensing can be hazardous and uncomfortable. It is also expensive, and material is often wasted by poor dispense management requiring additional clean up and unnecessary expense. The PP300-A Clear-View Pressure Chamber system is a sure method of dispensing cyanoacrylate directly from a jar or bottle without having to transfer the material from the supplier's container. Simply open the lid of the Pressure Chamber, place the bottle inside the chamber, insert the polyethylene tube into the bottle and secure the chamber. Air pressure is fed via an air regulator (included) and the chamber is pressurized. The material will now travel up the tube to a thru-chamber connector and out via a tube to a pinch tube valve or pinch tube hand-held pen. A pinch tube valve is time-switched using an I&J Fisnar dispenser, or trigger-activated if a pen is used. All tubes, pen and valve parts are disposable, making the PP300-A system an ideal choice for dispensing cyanoacrylate without contamination, waste or hazard to the user.

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