Henkel Corp. has expanded its existing line of general purpose and flexible adhesive dispense tips to include high precision stainless steel and tapered dispense tips. The line of dispense tips is designed for dispensing Loctite UV curable adhesives, cyanoacrylates, and anaerobic threadlockers, thread sealants, and retaining compounds. All Loctite high precision stainless steel, tapered polyethylene and flexible polypropylene tips feature a positive locking helical thread design to ensure that the tips will stay intact during the most rigorous applications. For less critical applications, the economical general-purpose tips provide reliable and consistent dispensing shot after shot. As an additional benefit, all Loctite helical threaded taper tips now feature a UV blocking additive that gives the user increased time between needle changes when dispensing UV curable materials.

For more information, visit http://www.loctite.com/equipment or call (800) 323-5106.