Essential quality control of the raw materials used in the production of its English Fine Bone China is now being carried out at the Derby, England factory of Royal Crown Derby (part of the Royal Doulton Group) by a Compact 900 sieve supplied by Russell Finex. The world's largest manufacturer and distributor of premium ceramic tableware and giftware, the company uses the Russell sieve in its slip house, where raw materials are combined to make the clay that forms the basis of all its fine china. Part of a range of high performance separators, the Compact 900 achieves high throughputs as a result of effective screen evacuation. Material passes straight through the vibratory mesh without hold up to the next process stage. Material is passed through the sieve's vibrating mesh and is then passed through a second mesh with a slightly larger micron size, which acts as a further control to protect the virgin material and to ensure the quality of the finished product. In contrast to many other sieve products, the Compact 900 is designed to operate in a confined space. The machine offers high throughputs yet is very quiet running, with noise levels of less than 70dbA. Comments Brian Bourne, slip house manager for Royal Crown Derby, "We specified a Russell sieve because we have already experienced Russell quality and are completely confident in the equipment's reliability, and the service offered by the company is second to none."

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